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Bryan receives the Lifetime Acheivement Award from California Autoharp Gathering founder Mike Mueller

Video clip of Bryan performing Friend for Life

This yellow truck brought Bryan and his music across the American continent spreading joy and good will in nearly every city you might imagine!

Video clip of Bryan during a gospel set



Front: Joe Riggs, Mike Mueller - Back row: Bryan is joined by
Mike Seeger and his wife along with Jim Snow (Kilby's son)
along with other friends, festival staff and attendees.

Bryan demonstrates a pulse reading while animating the action
during one of his stories. The audience was captivated by every word!

Bryan and his buddy Ron Wall perform a duet during a concert.

A real highlight of any show packed with stars is the group performance.
In this photo you see (L to R): (the better) half of Joe Craven, Mike Seeger,
Kathy Larisch (of Kathy & Carol), Larry Hanks and Bryan Bowers

Bryan and Mike exchange greetings upon Bryan's arrival at the CAG.

Left: Bryan's pal, "Kenny Hall" during a patio jam. Right: Bryan and Dale Jett (Jannette
Carter's son) discuss plans to visit Sequoia National Park in search of the big trees.


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